Tuition and Fees

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Heritage believes strongly that all children would benefit from a high-quality Christian education. Because of this mission to provide Christian education to as many students as possible, the school efficiently utilizes its resources to keep tuition costs down for families. Heritage Christian School is among the most affordable private schools in Pierce County -- on average, tuition at Heritage is approximately $2750 less per year than other local private elementary schools, and $3200 less per year than other local private secondary schools. (Click HERE for a one page brochure and comparison  chart.) Tuition and fees for the 2018-2019 school year are summarized below:

New Student Testing Fee:  $50 for testing/screening of students new to HCS. The fee is non-refundable and must accompany Application for Admission.

Registration Fee: This is an annual fee that covers the costs of registration, record keeping, and essential classroom supplies.   Registration fees are $325/elementary student (PK-5); $425/secondary student (6-8); and a family maximum registration fee of $925  per family, regardless of the total number of students enrolling.

Registration fee must accompany Applications for Admission. The registration fee incorporates all costs except optional Athletics fee for Middle School students; that is, there are no other fees outside of monthly tuition and registration fee (i.e. no computer fees, fundraising fees, textbook fees, et al.).  Registration fees are non-refundable unless the student is not accepted for enrollment at HCS.

Tuition:  Many private schools charge tuition on 11 or 12 month schedules. Tuition at Heritage is based on a 10-month schedule (Sept. - June).  There is no refund for absences or for days when the school is unable to operate due to weather or other reasons; nor is tuition reduced during months of fewer days (e.g. December despite a two-week Christmas break). There is a $50 late fee for tuition that goes unpaid for more than a month. All unpaid tuition and fees must be paid in full before students may begin a new school year at HCS. At the end of the school year, report cards will be withheld for unpaid fees, fines, or tuition. Please contact the school office at 253.564.6276 with any questions.

Military Discount: In recognition of the sacrifices made by the US Armed Forces, families where either the father or mother is an active member of the US Armed Forces will receive a 10% discount on tuition. Discount does not apply to testing fee, registration, or other fees.

Tuition Assistance: Because the school utilizes its resources to keep tuition affordable, and because annual tuition at Heritage is already less expensive than other private Christian schools in the area, limited tuition assistance is available for families. Please contact the school office at 253.564.6276 to discuss further.

Monthly Tuition
1st child 610
2nd 520
3rd 430
4th 430
Grades 6-8
1st child 675
2nd 575
3rd 475
Rates above assume a 10-month payment cycle

Pre-K Rates

  Monthly Tuition
5 Full Days 650
5 Half Days 390
3 Full Days 440
3 Half Days 285

Rates above assume a 10-month payment cycle

Registration Fees

Additionally, the non-refundable registration fees for 2018-2019 are shown in the table below.  Please note that the registration fees include all additional fees except for Athletics Fees (which are optional).

  Annual Registration Fees
Elementary (PreK-5) 325/student
Middle (6-8) 425/student
Maximum 925/family

**Both registration paperwork and fees must be submitted to secure your spot for the school year.


The chart below shows a comparison of Heritage’s annual tuition rates for one elementary student and one middle school student against the 2018-2019 tuition rates of other local private schools in this area:

Heritage* Tacoma Baptist Cascade Christian Concordia Lutheran Life
Elementary $6100 $8100 $8990 $8904 $9119 $8730
Secondary $6750 $9300 $10600 $9689 $10549 $9320


As you can see, on average our tuition rates are $2740 less expensive at grades K-5 compared to other Christian schools; and our rates are over $3110 less expensive on average than other Christian Middle Schools.