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Foreign Language Instruction

Increasingly, the world is becoming a global society. That is the reason most two-year and four-year colleges require at least two years of high school foreign language classes for admission; and elite colleges require 3-4 years of foreign language. Learning a second language is an invaluable skill for many modern careers. It is imperative, then, that Heritage provides high-quality foreign language as part of our instructional program.

To accomplish the school’s foreign language goals, Heritage students in grades 5-8 utilize Rosetta Stone several times each week. Rosetta Stone is the leading language-learning software in the world, used by over 20,000 schools and by millions of people in over 150 countries. Heritage chose it for our foreign language instruction for several reasons:

• It allows for students to choose which language to study rather than forcing all students to study the same language.

• It allows for coursework both in school and at home.

• It allows for individualized instruction for each student, letting students’ mastery of skills dictate the pace of the program.

For more information about Rosetta Stone, you can visit their website at

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