Heritage Christian School believes the foundation of knowledge is built on God as Creator and on Jesus Christ as our Redeemer.  Through purposeful, active mentorship, our faculty not only teach the practical skills of high school preparation, but also they expose students to the larger questions of the vastness and greatness of God.

Heritage provides an academically-challenging learning environment. We seek excellence in all things, but especially in academics. We strive to maintain a rigorous academic standard for all our students. All academic disciplines emphasize critical thinking, formulation and defense of ideas, and the presentation of facts.  Our commitment to the hiring of high-quality Christian teachers results in students who are prepared to lead and serve in our global community.

Students at Heritage routinely score in the top quintile nationally on standardized exams. Average K-8 scores (from the 2015 Terra Nova standardized assessment) reflect our commitment to high-quality education: Reading at the 90th percentile, Mathematics at the 85th percentile, and Bible at the 83rd percentile.




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